eDump: Eclipse Screenshot Utility

The Eclipse Screenshot Utility plugs into the Eclipse workbench and allows to produce screenshots from the whole desktop, Eclipse workbench windows, and Eclipse workbench parts such as editors or views. The results can be printed or stored into the Eclipse workspace and can be immediately embedded into HTML pages. Editing of screenshots such as cropping, scaling and annotating is supported.


  • Invoked via tool button or hotkey.
  • Delayed execution possible.
  • Easy source selection: Whole screen, Whole workbench window, Active workbench component, Active workbench section, Active workbench part, Dialog.
  • Image Cropping supported.
  • Scaling of images is possible.
  • Easily annotate images (Legend) using smart connectors.
  • High quality rendering including bilinear scaling, optional sharpening, optional dithering, neural-network based color quantization, and antiliased connectors.
  • Transparent backgrounds are supported with GIF.
  • Output to Printer, GIF, BMP, PNG, JPeG, TIFF and SVG (PNG only under Eclipse 3.3 or later).
  • Save either into the Eclipse workbench or Export to a location in the host file system.
  • Files can be named manually or are automatically numbered.
  • Preview function shows the final result.
  • Generated files can optionally be copied into the system clipboard..

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Make sure that you are running Eclipse 3.1 or later and Java 1.4.0 or above.

How to install eDump 1.7.1

Installation from the Web

  1. Start Eclipse and create a new pointer to the eDump update site by invoking
    Help > Software Updates > Find and Install... > Search for new features to install > New Remote Site and entering under URL.
  2. Proceed as suggested by the Update Manager.

Alternatively, download the zipped update site and use the Eclipse Update Manger to install from this file.

Once the Screenshot Utility is installed, read its help documentation for further instructions. The installed version is fully functional.

How to purchase it

Using the Screenshot Utility for personal purposes is free. For commercial purposes you need to purchase a license.

The price for a single license is EUR 12.50. Volume pricing is available.

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